Saturday, March 27, 2010

Justiça Ambiental: Climática em Santa Catarina


In March 2004, we - the communities of South Brazil were hit by the so-called Catarina Hurricane, the first hurricane in the

history of the South Atlantic. It severely damaged our cities, our natural resources and affected thousands of people.

We - who already suffer from floods, droughts and tornadoes are concerned and worried about the consequences of

climate change, and recognize our situation of vulnerability.

We claim for the Brazilian government to:

- Recognize the dramatic consequences of global warming and thus act firmly with more responsibility at a national and

international level.

- Recognize the social, economic and natural vulnerability of Brazil.

- Create and support prevention and adaptation programs in the coastlines regions, especially the ones hit by Catarina


- Create protectionist rules in order to protect our environment from foreign companies who come to threaten, pollute and

compromise our biodiversity.

- Demand to the developed countries the reduction of their greenhouse gas emissions and to cover the cost of adaptation.

- Promote an urgent implantation of preventive politics on climate change.

- Invest in the establishment of measures and programs of energy efficiency, renewable energy and in the studies of the

consequences of increased temperatures in the South Atlantic.

- Determine the end of forest fires and deforestation in the Amazon.

- Become more responsible for the reduction of actual greenhouse gas emissions.

- Determine the gradual stoppage of the coal power plant in the south of Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul, which

releases the highest quantity of greenhouse gas by unit of generated power. And to abandon the plans of establishing new

coal plants in Brazil.

We claim for the developed countries to:

- Take the first and efficient step towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

- Determine the end of the extraction of fossil fuels.

- Determine politics of efficiency energy as a priority.

- Pay for the cost of energy transition.

- Finance renewable energy.

- Create new mechanisms more efficient than the current ones - to reduce

greenhouse gas emissions.

- Pay for the cost of adaptation in developing countries.

- Reduce the unsustainable consumption drastically.

- Make an ethical and financial commitment in order to halt global warming.

We - who live where the eye of the hurricane has been to - are together in an international movement for climate justice, to

make our voices heard.

We demand that the government listen to us, look at us and act now with the responsibility needed in order to guarantee a

healthy future for the coming generations.


Carolina Herrmann

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